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Jesus said … 


Look at all the beautiful flowers of the field. They don’t work or toil, and yet not even Solomon in all his splendour was robed in beauty more than one of these! ~ Matthew 6:28-29, The Passion Translation  


Imagine the elegant simplicity of living the way He intended - according to our original design. Born from above, housed in the Father’s glory, animated by heaven’s breath.


This site is dedicated to the reality that each one of us is gloriously unique. We are sent to earth on a heavenly mission, with a destiny scroll like no one else’s. By unlearning the ways of the world and allowing the heavy encumbrances of our pasts to fall to the wayside, we discover the essence of life. We remember that we are chosen, anointed and appointed by grace. We uncover the hidden beauty inside of us, as we dive deep into belonging to God. We see that nothing is impossible when we allow Him to do the heavy lifting in our lives! 


Here you will find a collection of bespoke tools - including a portfolio of one-on-one services aimed at helping you enter into rest, finding freedom in unravelling the mysteries of your design. There are videos and teachings, as well as original creations designed to spark creativity in you and to remind you that you are loved.


Julia's Vision

Julia loves to worship God and to seek out the heavenly mysteries of our design. American by birth, she lives in Scotland and is currently working on a poetry anthology whilst completing her first novel. 


A story-teller, missionary and adventurer, she is passionate about serving in Presence-based communities around the world. From teaching children from privileged backgrounds to helping recovering addicts through collaborative theatre, she has a vast array of life experience and is determined that no one should fall between the cracks and crevices! Her greatest joy is to see others come alive in the Presence of God, by helping to restore their understanding of their original blueprint.  


Julia holds a Master’s in English from Oxford University and has served and trained under Iris Ministries amongst other organisations. She is a certified Life Coach through Oaks Rising Ministries, Florida.


One on One Portfolio

Here is a snapshot of the services provided. Whilst there are places where they can blend into each-other like the various tints in a rainbow, the following may help identify the main focus for each session.  


Artistic Mentoring

Just as the kingdom of God is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, intricate as the interior of a lily, works of art take a variety of forms. Whatever is flowering inside of you, I’d love to help you move decisively towards its fullest expression. My heart is to build a relational framework of support and encouragement where you experience Holy Spirit – our best friend and “paraclete” – running the race with you. Desire fulfilled is a Tree of Life and the most vibrant expressions of the heart of God have yet to be released upon the earth! 

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Prophetic Counsel

Deep calls unto deep, and we are naturally designed to flow in the wisdom and counsel of God. My practice is to listen with an ear attuned to the breath of Ruach, offering counsel based upon the flow and direction of His Spirit wind moving in your life. I  also create a safe environment for the gift of prophecy to be further awakened in you – a space of attunement where it becomes easy to discover His unique ways of interacting with you; to sense, see and hear what Holy Spirit is saying to you. 

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Life Coaching

Before time began, Father created a heavenly book (or scroll) of your life full of destiny and purpose (Psalm 139:16; Jeremiah 29:11). This “treasure” sometimes becomes buried beneath a different story, a counterfeit scroll formed through external conditioning and the wounds of traumatic events. As a result, we can end up feeling unfulfilled and frustrated, yet powerless to make any real changes.

The Wildflower approach to life coaching is to go to the very root of this sense of powerlessness, helping you to regain vision of the Father’s original intent for your life. It is to position you to achieve the highest level of relational harmony and to fulfil concrete goals in alignment with your design – reclaiming the fullness of your unique inheritance in Christ.  


Freedom Sessions

‘See from His head, His hands, His feet 

Sorrow and Love pour mingled down’ 

~  Isaac Watts


Christ died to purchase our freedom from every kind of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bondage. His mercy gift is to enter into the deepest forms of suffering imaginable, bringing divine sozo – a total salvation that includes inward transformation and deliverance as well as outward healing. 


My own journey has provided various keys to freedom, all thanks to knowing Him as Healer. I’ve been privileged to witness extraordinary physical miracles first-hand, seen cycles of generational misery come to a sudden end, and experienced His healing balm piecing broken hearts back together in amazingly sovereign ways. Whatever you are facing, I would love to stand alongside with compassionate faith and to share all that I have. 


Children’s Mentoring  

Whenever I work with children, I am astonished by their way of seeing things, which transcends this world. Yet they are often taught to forget what they know, or given insufficient space to engage the original fountain of creativity within them. I’m offering these highly bespoke sessions as a practical opportunity for children to delve into learning about the kingdom of God, to develop their internal muscles of vision and to hone the heavenly gifts they naturally carry within. 

Children with whom I’ve worked in the past have organically arrived at a variety of individual achievements – including writing entire books – and have experienced major victories in their personal journeys with God. These sessions can also be opportunities for them to receive healing and freedom from negative mindsets which are easiest to unlearn at a young age. 


Lifestyle Equipping  

As a baby, I suffered from health conditions which worsened over time, due to over-reliance on pharmaceutical medications and consumption of the Standard American Diet whilst growing up. After embarking on a personal journey of fasting and detox, I’ve seen these chronic conditions reverse one by one. I now believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential component in stewarding miraculous healing.

My passion is to help find personalised, practical solutions that are simple and easy, weeding out the large volume of misinformation that is out there. It is to accelerate individual journeys of healing by sharing original strategies for long-term flourishing!  


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